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  1. Oliver Griffin

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    As direction of time through purpose, perfection and practice
    Catalogue 2021 – 2022

    by Oliver Griffin

    Edition of 42 signed and numbered by the artist

    £24 + P&P

  2. Marie Jacotey and Lola Halifa-Legrand

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    Filles Bleues, Peur Blanche, 2021
    Limited edition film posters
    100 x 70 cm

    £18 + P&P each

  3. Jeremy Deller

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    Putin’s Happy, 2019
    Signed exhibition poster
    118 x 84 cm

    £42 + P&P


  4. Jolene

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    Jolene is a collaborative project by artist Guy Gormley and poet Rachael Allen.
    The book presents a series of photographs and poems that explore the
    experience of isolation and claustrophobia in a rural, disenfranchised part of
    Cornwall, while also engaging with the social impact of shifting economic
    geographies. Much of the preparatory work for Jolene was done during a visit to
    Rachael’s family home in the Cornish village of Dobwalls. Though this time was
    crucial to the composition of the book, many of Guy’s photographs date from
    before or after the trip. Image and text work together but are not illustrative, their
    juxtaposition producing moments of consonance and dissonance. And while
    Jolene is in a certain sense specific to Cornwall, its intimate and sometimes
    humorous dealings with the everyday push the book outside of its particular
    context, allowing the reader to weave together his or her own narrative.

    Published by the independent imprint Matchstick Books.

    £15+ P&P

  5. James Capper

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    James Capper



    Edited by Ben Eastham

    Designed by Studio Hato

    Published by Hato Press and Hannah Barry in 2014

    £10 + P&P

  6. James Capper

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    Limited edition exhibition poster
    100 x 70 cm

    £18 + P&P

  7. George Rouy

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    Squeeze Hard Enough it Might Just Pop!, 2018
    Limited edition exhibition poster
    100 x 70 cm

    £18 + P&P

  8. Merry Art

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    Merry Art is a manifesto for remembrance, in the present, towards the future. The request we sent to all contributors was to describe their most intense experience with art in 200 words. 

    Edited by Hannah Barry & Donatien Grau

    Designed by Victoria Bridal

    Published by Hannah Barry Gallery in 2015

    Printed by Ex Why Zed

    152 pp


    £15 + p&p

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